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Oliver Reid named first Drupal 9 maintainer by Dries

Submitted by Dave on 1 April 2013 - 2:07pm
Oliver hard at work on core development

Today I'm pleased to share that Dries Buytaert, the project lead of Drupal has invited Oliver Reid to become his first Drupal 9 co-maintainer, and Oliver has accepted! For the duration of one release cycle, he will help Dries coordinate Drupal 9 development.

Dries is quoted about his new co-maintainer and the direction of Drupal 9:

While Oliver hasn't been involved with Drupal as long as most contributors, he brings our community a fresh and newborn perspective of Drupal and our processes. What he lacks in fine motor skills, he makes up for in his creativity and ability to just bang at a keyboard for several hours straight. Some of his code is just so complex but perfect that even I have a hard time understanding it! His experience with working with other babies will really be useful for helping hash out disagreements in the issue queues.

Yes, some people think I'm crazy for selecting a baby. With our newer contributors getting younger every year, Dmitri Gaskin being a great example, I asked myself, why can't we push the boundaries and find someone even younger? And how can you resist that cute, little, squishy face? Who's a good maintainer? Oliver is! That's who!

One of the aspects that I like best about Oliver is that his schedule is pretty wide open for the next couple of years. Finding a new core maintainer is always a tough choice, especially when all the top candidates have full-time jobs, families, and responsibilities outside of Drupal. Even though Drupal 8 hasn't been released yet, it was important to me to select someone who is able to take over pretty much everything I do and has the free time to do it. Except during his nap time. Maybe even mandatory naps would be a good thing to implement when things get heated in core development... Hrm, I'll have to think about that.

Drupal 9 will become a great platform for our future, especially in his tiny little hands.

Congratulations Oliver!