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Big changes

Submitted by Dave on 18 September 2013 - 1:27pm

"They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself."

- Andy Warhol

New blog!

I finally updated this blog to Drupal 7. I just dumped the old content, because I'll pull over the content that gets the most 404s as needed. I'm also using Pantheon to host it and for me to more easily keep core up to date. I don't want to acknowledge what version of Drupal 6 core I was running on the old site. I've switched to using Disqus for commenting because Drupal-hosted comments are just a pain in the ass, and solutions like Mollom don't really help.

New house!

Picture of our new rental duplex

I’m happy to announce after three years of hunting, our family finally found "the right place" for us to move in Omaha. It’s a duplex rental, with more space now that we have a baby, wood floors (no more cat vomit to clean out of carpet!), and a place for our family to grow. The owners of the duplex live next door with their daughter and granddaughter, and seem like terrific people. Starting next week we’ll begin packing everything up in our apartment that we’ve lived in for over four years, and we’ll be moving at the beginning of October.

We’re sad to leave the place where we lived when we got our second cat (Rodney), we got married, got pregnant, and had a baby. There are lots of fond memories here and we’re going to miss the neighborhood the most. I’d highly recommend living in Aksarben Village to anyone considering or currently in Omaha. But this is for the best and will allow us to be in a better situation financially and really start saving to purchase a house in the next couple of years.

New job!

Lullabot logo

It’s also with sadness and excitement that this is my last week working for and once our move is completed, I’ll be starting as a Senior Engineer with the folks at Lullabot! I’m excited to be joining another great team of Drupal experts.

Palantir was a terrific experience for me and I feel incredibly fortunate to gotten to work for an employer that wouldn’t hesitate to stand up and support not only their employees, but also the Drupal community. I cannot overstate how much they’ve supported projects like the Media module and it’s initiative, and uncountable new modules I’ve written during my tenure there. I’ll never forget all the fun times in Chicago, including the “write a module for the earliest version of Drupal core you can” challenge in which I successfully updated the original code to run on a modern LAMP stack. Good times. *sniff*

The same fondness I have when knowing we’re leaving our apartment, I share even more for Palantir, all my co-workers there, and the more than three years I’ve been there. I’m going to miss working with some amazing people who have seen me grow as a person and Drupaler, from an engaged guy to a married man, and from a husband to a father. While I’m losing them as co-workers, I’m proud that I can call them all my friends.